En VVS-grossist med personligt engagemang och hög kunskapsnivå

Bra Gross Swedish National H&P-Partner

Bra Gross is a wholesaler of sanitary, plumbing and heating products. Bra Gross is established in the middle parts of Sweden in Örebro, Stockholm (Täby and Årsta), Norrköping and Linköping.

From the start in year 2000 has the amount of customers increased and today you can find customers all over the country. There are no limits in the possibilities to deliver products all over Sweden. With the latest store in Stockholm we can offer our customers a better help. Our staff and employees have a long and broad experience in corporate with both plumbers and manufactures. This and the efforts to become better make Bra Gross to a serious partner today and in the future.

We listen to our customers

Bra Gross is active in searching for interesting and competitive products both in the light of function and price. Through close contacts with the leading manufactures we can follow the development both in Sweden and abroad. Listening to our customers is important for our growth.